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Dr Freedman has worked alongside numerous medical doctors of all levels over the years in various hospital based roles and understands what is involved in hospital doctor and GP training, and the daily trials and tribulations of life in the workplace for junior doctors. This knowledge is further enhanced by her being married to a hospital doctor for a number of years now.  As a result of this knowledge that Dr Freedman brings to Psychological Therapy in Practice, we encourage any doctors who may feel that they need some psychological therapy; a neutral and understanding ear; or even some clinical supervision, to make contact with us via email at:


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Like Junior Doctors, GP's are also having a rough time at the moment in this country and sadly many are feeling forced to leave the profession or move overseas where they are treated more fairly and with more respect, from the public and the media. This is a major concern as GP's are at the frontline of primary care in this country providing a high quality and free for all service which is unparalleled when compared to other countries around the world. Psychological Therapy in Practice understands the working life of a GP in the UK and how stressful this can be on a daily basis in coping with: the vast numbers of patients that need to be seen everyday, the time constraints that must be adhered to, the long working hours, the continuous professional training, the rigorous annual appraisals and revalidation process, the endless administration, and the huge pressure and responsibility to contend with on a daily basis. 


Psychological Therapy in Practice offers members of our affiliate organisation Resilient GP  a 10% discount on all face-to-face sessions. The Resilient GP website can be accessed at:

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